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Configurations, Do you prove yours ?

How can we be sure of the continuous configuration management proper operation? How to expose factual topic-related reports to dev, sec, managers, customers…? We believe that, in order to deliver the full business and collaboration value of continuous configuration management, the solution needs to go further than simply applying policies - it must ensure configuration reliability; prove historized application and status; share it to other teams; notify of any drift with a relevant context. This talk will present why and how we should be concerned about transmitting factual measures on infrastructure management to all parties involved. We will also guide you through the journey to include a full-fledged reporting feature in a configuration management solution.


Alexandre Brianceau (Rudder)


After studying Cybersecurity, Alexandre worked for several years at several French integrators and IT services companies to ensure production security missions as a solution integrator and consultant. For more than two years, he has been working for the RUDDER open-source continuous configuration solution as Business Development Director. It supports the success of users and ensures the follow-up of customers, making it possible to capitalize on a large number of feedback experiences.

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