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Lookyloo, A complete solution to investigate complex websites - with a decent UI

There are lots of tools allowing the enduser to have an overview of how websites exchange information with each other, the most used one being lightbeam. They give a reasonable idea of what is going on over a coupe of hours of browsing but don’t really go any further than the informative part and they don’t allow proper forensic investigation nor reproducing the tests between browsers and over time.

That’s the use case lookyloo aims to solve: providing a detailed view of everything that is being loaded by a URL:

  • The content type of each URL
  • The cookies it sets and read
  • The other content loaded by a specific URL is represented as a tree
  • The investigator can download the specific content of interest loaded by one of the URL for an external analysis

The future work includes but is not limited too to:

  • Allowing the user to pick a specific User Agent
  • Further improvement on the UI
  • Export functionalities
  • Comparing the content loaded over time and over browsers
  • Investigations how ad networks track users over websites and providing helpers to the analyst


Quinn Norton (/), Raphaël Vinot (CIRCL)


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