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𝕂𝕀𝕃𝕃 π•„π”»πŸ demystifying hash collisions

You probably think when reading this: β€œMD5 is already broken!”. Yes, it’s possible to create two different files with the same MD5 in a few seconds, or make two arbitrary files get the same MD5 in a few hours, but it has some limited impact.

Since MD5 is considered broken by experts, it’s now out of scope for research, and yet these two attacks are probably not scary enough so developers still think that MD5 is good to index or verify files.

This talk is a joint effort between Marc Stevens and Ange Albertini, associating the best known cryptographic attacks with new file format manipulations, and will present instant collisions of many common file types, and help you understand how it’s done and their impact, which hopefully will convince everyone to kill MD5 for good.

SHA1 is covered too, but the impact of existing attacks is more limited at this stage.



Ange Albertini


Author of Corkami

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