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MI-LXC, a first step towards a free CyberRange ?

MI-LXC is a framework to construct virtual infrastructures on top of LXC to practise security on realistic infrastructures. MI-LXC follows the infrastructure-as-code paradigm to program the topology of the system and the provisioning of the different hosts. This construction is highly customizable, allowing to create hosts ranging from webservers to graphical user sessions. Provisioning of similar subsets of features on different hosts is attained through a template mechanism. MI-LXC is still in its early stages and I currently use it to generate some labs. In this paper, I wonder whether it could be used as a first step towards a free cyber-range. MI-LXC is licensed under AGPL.


Francois Lesueur (INSA Lyon)


François Lesueur is an Associate Professor at INSA Lyon (France) where he teaches digital security. He is particularly interested in security of distributed/federated systems and fights for an empowering security rather than an enslaving one. He is involved in the organization of academic events (RESSI, Upsilon), libre events (Campus du Libre) and industrial events (Botconf).

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