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Unlocking secrets of the proxmark3 RDV4

Maximum numbers of participants: 20. Registration will be done on site.

The workshop associated with this talk.

Further preparations for the workshop:

  • Setup your development environment.
  • There are guides on the RRG github repo which is essential that you follow.
  • If all comes prepared we can get to have better focus during the workshop on using / compiling / flashing / jtaging the proxmark3 device.

RRG will have a Proxmark3 RDV4.0 kit plus extra cards available for participants of workshop. Hopefully also the new bluetooth / battery add-on “Blue Shark” aswell. If you already have an Proxmark3 device bring it with you and we show you how to use it with new firmware aswell. We will also have a Segger with us in order to demonstrate the easiness of recover a “bricked” device.

In short:

  • bring your laptop
  • with a configured development environment already installed: see below the prerequisites that have to be satisfied before the workshop.

After workshop an opportunity for those who feel the urge to be able to purchase the Proxmark3 kit they used during workshop.

/Iceman & 0xFFFF



C. Herrmann ( Iceman ), K. Barker ( 0xFFFF )


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