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Unlocking secrets of the proxmark3 RDV4

0xFFFF and Iceman will show you the latest revision of proxmark3 tool, rdv40, a successful kickstarter that brought NFC analysis to the next level. Identifying common issues in the Proxmark community. RRG formed to produce new hardware such as the long range HF reader and LF reader. What’s so special about the PM3 rdv40? Onboard storage SIM interface Improved HF + LF antennna Improved HF antenna Improved ‘capsule’ LF antenna QC process Covert + discreet Current capabilities of offical firmware and popular forks. Analysis of uniquie + difficult tags and how to overcome them



Christian Herrmann ( Iceman ) (RRG), Kevin Barker ( 0xFFFF ) (RRG)


OxFFFF and Iceman is administrators for the proxmark3 forum and wellknown deep knowledge with proxmark3 and attacking all kind of rfid based systems

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