Registration to Pass the SALT 2019

The registration will open May, 15th 2019 at 10:00 AM (UTC+2/Paris time).

Registration URL :

200 seats are made available to the registration (+50 dedicated to speakers and org team).

Some advices:

  • Be fair: Pass the SALT is a free (as in free beer) event and has a limited capacity.
    • book a seat only if you are sure to come!
    • if after registration, it appears you can’t finally come to the conference, please cancel your order.

  • Wi-Fi: Polytech school which hosts Pass the SALT will provide two kinds of Wi-Fi.
    • A limited Wi-Fi with shared creds (~ only access to HTTP/HTTPS): no action required on your side during registration to be able to access it.
    • A non filtered Wi-Fi with individual creds : if you want this kind of Wi-Fi access, check the option during registration. Take care about the fact you will have to give your real name. We will push it and your email to Polytech school which, in return, will send you your creds some time before the conference.

For any question/problem: tickets (at)