The Call for Papers is opened!

Pass the SALT

  • What? Pass the SALT (Security And Libre Talks) is a technical conference about Free Software/Hardware (but also Open Formats/Protocols) and Security.
  • Why? Hackers from many Security and Free Software fields coming to exchange knowledge and cooperate.


We definitively want to have submissions from multiple security fields because we wish this conference to ease and improve interactions between various Security and Free Software communities.

This year, we would like to cover at least:

  • privacy software and issues,
  • offensive software and usages,
  • hacking tools/software

But all usual security topics are of course welcome. To illustrate, the first edition of Pass the SALT (2018) hosted 9 different sessions covering a large part of the security landscape. And, obviously, if you have a brilliant and/or “strange” idea, just SUBMIT !

Single requirement: speaking about (Free Software/Hardware OR Open Standard/Protocol) AND Security :-)

How ?

Everything you need is there:!